Data Transfer Security Tools

This platform is also ideal for virtualized sred.Dopolnyaet or upgrade existing security infrastructure by including the necessary services on the "blades" that provide the functions necessary bezopasnosti.Predstavlyaet set of security tools, load balancing and high-performance data transfer to meet the needs of companies in security. "You can not come to the same type of network security, especially in the large business-critical environments, supporting hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers and end users" – said Michael Xie, founder, chief technology officer and vice president of Fortinet – Each user profile is your protection against threats and demands for performance, so we are continuing innovations in the direction of flexible and extensible solutions. And in proof of our actions, we once again continue to improve high-performance portfolio, introducing FortiGate-5001B and blades FortiSwitch-5003B. FortiGate-5001B and FortiSwitch-5003B will be available for order later this quarter on Fortinet ( Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) global supplier network security devices and the market leader of integrated security appliances (UTM). Solutions and subscription services companies represent a wide range of integrated high-speed means of protection against dynamic security threats. Among the customers of large corporations, service providers and government agencies worldwide, including most of the Fortune Global 100 2009 year. Flagship solution Fortinet – the device FortiGate – uses a specialized co-processor ASIC, which delivers superior performance, application control and multi-layered protection against network threats.