Multilevel Businesses

This is a phenomenon that often happens in multi-level businesses, it is no secret that many patrons left in oblivion to their members, and they feel disappointed, frustrated, etc. לעניות דעתי רמי לוי יכול לקבוע . I want to comment on this post my own experience on this issue, in my particular case my sponsor was tuned mine for the first month I joined GDI, giving me the tools necessary to develop the business via the internet and offline, during these first 4 months or so I was in my learning curve, after those four months I had my first members of the business, but suddenly my sponsor left of "lean" to go to train my affiliates, so I said to myself, Pedro NEED TO FIND SOLUTIONS and coach the other hand, DO NOT LOOK GUILTY BUSINESS IS YOURS, NOT YOUR SPONSOR, so you're best prepared to lead your new members. If you notice I wrote in case a solution to the problem of abandonment of a sponsor, there are many ways in which you can seek help If your sponsor is not available, it went out of business, etc. A solution is also looking to sponsor and if your sponsor is not available, then the one who is higher, there will always be someone who can help your upline, you also have in your hands the Internet technology where you can find information, I began to search the forums, multi-related pages, I subscribed to newsletters and began to collect information. In fact one of the reasons of this blog is that it will help people who are in this industry of multilevel marketing and its sponsors have "left" adrift, something that happens to my membership, I will do business for them But if you ask me and I can give them advice, I always find. In the next posts will talk about the "other side of the coin "….

My member does not reply, I'm on the lookout for him or her, "I press too much? IS THE SPONSOR you never had .. Thanks sponsor … that I learned not to depend on anyone …. Pedro Campuzano