Makes Professional Shampoos

Professional shampoo, professional hair mask … How do they differ from the "unprofessional"? Is any way to be more expensive 200 rubles for 300 ml can be called a professional or business after all, not only in price but also in quality? According to professional hairdressers and stylists, all those shampoos for hair that do not have either "professional shampoo," and are sold in retail stores rather than in specialized stores for professional hairdressers are the only way to remove hair from dirt and excess oil. Yes, all these non-professional shampoos that are sold in "home chemistry" in every supermarket vary in price, promises on the label by brand, but in general they have one common characteristic – to make the hair clean and soft. If you have naturally good hair, you just need it. But if you have any problems such as dandruff, split ends, dry scalp or hair loss, then you will be able to help only professional hair care products. Of course, the labels of conventional shampoos also write that they are effective enough and sometimes they really helps. But if the disease is hair a little more serious, without professional help is not enough.

Professional shampoos and professional hair masks are more pronounced therapeutic properties. These funds are designed to really address the problems of hair, not only for washing and a soft. Professional shampoos are created for many different hair types: for normal, oily, combination hair, dry, thin and flaccid, for damaged or improper care environment, dyed, bleached or Tanned, hair with a perm for straight hair, wavy, curly, long and short, people zdlya and older children, dandruff shampoo, especially for blondes, brunettes, for colored hair in bright colors. Any of these types require special care. Most manufacturers of shampoo do normal household funds with a broader spectrum of activity, due to which one vehicle can fit a much larger audience, while professional shampoos aimed at improving the quality of hair individually. If we continue describe the differences between the professional hair cosmetics, and common household, it should be noted that professional shampoo will never take care of "two-in-one" that is, be and the shampoo and conditioner. Of course, it is very useful when one tool combines the properties of the two funds, but according to experts, shampoo and conditioner have just the opposite effect on hair, so at the same time use both of these funds do not allow full use of either one or the other.

Such a difference of professional cosmetics any obligation to comply strictly with the requirements master who you are funds recommended. So, if it is written on the label that this shampoo can be used no more frequently than once a week, you can not use it every day if you do not want to harm your hair. If you do decide to pick up professional shampoo yourself, then consult at least from the seller at the store, they are usually well versed in the products. But better, of course, ask for advice is a professional. Be prepared to that in addition to professional shampoo you recommend a mask, an air conditioner or a conditioner of the same series. After all, only an integrated care can really help your hair.